Senator Loeffler Implores Senate’s Swift Action on Economic Relief Package

Committed to Delivering for Families, Small Businesses, Hospitals

WASHINGTON, D.C. – On the Senate floor, U.S. Senator Kelly Loeffler (R-Ga.) urged the Senate’s swift action to pass the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act. Loeffler also reaffirmed her relentless commitment to fighting to protect Georgia’s public health officials, small business owners and families from COVID-19, and that no false allegations will get in the way of her fight.
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Senator Loeffler Implores Senate’s Swift Action on Economic Relief Package

Loeffler’s Remarks as delivered:

SENATOR LOEFFLER: “I want to begin with my gratitude and respect for those on the front-lines in Georgia and across America today. The doctors, nurses, first responders, employees in our grocery stores and supply chains, and our state and local leaders who are leading our response on the ground at this perilous time. Together, this is the best of America.
“Seventeen days ago, I spoke from this podium and called on the country to come together to combat the outbreak of novel coronavirus. 
“I asked the media, my colleagues in Congress and leaders across our country to join me in putting politics aside, to put the health and safety of all Americans first.  The next day in Congress we came together to pass quickly an $8.3 billion emergency funding to support our response to this virus, which President Trump signed immediately.
“The week after that, in March, the President declared a national emergency, unleashing $50 billion to further mobilize testing, therapeutics and care.
“Today, we find ourselves in an even more serious and urgent situation. The health threat facing our nation has intensified. Recent reports show the acceleration of infection. At the same time, people are losing their jobs, small businesses are closing and fear is taking hold while families are home, with children out of school and parents out of work.
“This is why we must act immediately to pass the CARES Act, bringing well over one trillion dollars, with an economic impact being a multiple of that.
“We’re in a rapidly changing environment with each passing day that requires this immediate and substantial action.  Each day families are put more at risk of financial peril and hospitals are going without the resources they need.
“Uncertainty rests on Americans’ doorsteps daily. They wonder: ‘how much longer can I make this work; how do I protect my family’s health and welfare?’
“We need immediate relief in the hands of the American people and we needed it days ago. We cannot wait another day.
“To the families worried about paying rent and feeding their children; the small business owner forced to shutter their doors and lay off staff that is like family to them and who worry about foreclosure by landlords; the employees of service, travel and tourism industries left unemployed; the hospitals - rural and urban – and the assisted living facilities, running out of equipment, staff and beds; the public health officials, nurses and doctors working around the clock on the front lines: help is on the way.
“Every American needs to know that in Washington, we have their backs. That we know that there is deep uncertainty and fear and that we’re working right now to address it.
“We must turn our rhetoric into action. And I’ll say it again. There’s no room for political maneuvers here. 
“I want every Georgian to know that I’m fighting for them every day. No amount of false, politicized allegations against me or my family will distract me.  Nothing will get in my way of delivering much-needed relief to Georgian families – nothing.
“I’ve spent the last two weeks speaking with hospital leaders, small businesses, and employers, and employees across Georgia. The impact is felt by every Georgian. The need is urgent. From Lowndes County to Rabun County, the issues of health and economic concern are widespread.
“Across the country, we must stand together symbolically, though we cannot stand together physically.  That’s why I’m calling on the Senate to act expeditiously to pass this relief package immediately. 
“Let me be clear: it is time to deliver. As we’ve seen, this virus does wait for ‘politics as usual’ to play out. Only swift action will save lives, families and jobs at this unprecedented time.
“Just as the rest of America has done, the Senate must step up and help win this war for all Americans.”