Senator Loeffler on Fox Business: “I Had No Involvement in These Trades”

Rejects Recent Allegations on Stock Trading

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator Kelly Loeffler (R-Ga.) yesterday joined “Cavuto: Coast to Coast” on Fox Business. During the interview, Loeffler set the record straight saying, “I don’t do trades, Neil…I had no involvement in these trades.”
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ON STOCK TRADE MANAGEMENT: “I don't do trades, Neil. I'm not involved in my portfolio. My husband is not involved. Our portfolio is managed by third parties. The actions are blind to me until they put it in front of me at the end of the reporting period. And I will just tell you, in that portfolio, it's absolutely false that we sold millions. Actually, it was a more bullish bet. We ended up owning companies like Delta, like Goldman Sachs, like Prudential, companies that have been hard-hit and ended up losing money. No one has reported that and it doesn't, you know, it has nothing to do with knowledge I had or didn't have because I had no involvement in these trades.”
ON HER EXPERIENCE: “I have been in financial services for 20 years. I have been around material non-public information for that long. I’m a chartered financial analyst. I understand the ethics. I understand SEC compliance at the highest levels. That’s all we have done to comply with it. I have been around much more substantial material, non-public information than probably any of my peers in the Senate. I know exactly how to manage through this. This is fake news. It’s preying on the emotions of the American people and trying to create a narrative that's absolutely false and no one's bothered to fact-check it.
“I worked in the fields. I waitressed my way through school. I lived the American dream by climbing up through increasingly responsible positions in business and you know, attack my hair, attack me, you don't like my clothes but don't attack my integrity and don't attack my husband's integrity because we followed the spirit and the letter of the law every single day.”
ON THE SENATE’S ECONOMIC RELIEF PACKAGE: “I'm eager to get down to the floor and help move this forward for American families. This is critical. These delays this morning were really just terrible. Senator Schumer was putting solar panel funding over the safety and security of American families and it's just wrong.”