Loeffler: Democrats Delay of Economic Aid Shows “the Worst of Washington”

While the Rest of America Comes Together, Democrats Hold Relief for Georgians Hostage

WASHINGTON, D.C. – On the Senate floor, U.S. Senator Kelly Loeffler (R-Ga.) today said the Democrats’ delay of an economic relief package to address the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak shows “the worst of Washington.”
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Loeffler: Democrats Delay of Economic Aid Shows “the Worst of Washington”Loeffler’s Remarks as delivered: 
SENATOR LOEFFLER: “Once again, I stood at this podium yesterday calling on the Senate to put politics aside and to deliver critical relief to the American people, many who are on the front-lines of this war. 
“Yet Chuck Schumer and Senate Democrats have turned their backs on them, encouraged by Nancy Pelosi. People are getting sick, they are worried about their families, they’re losing their jobs, schools are closed, small businesses are days away from shutting their doors and hospitals are running out of equipment, cash, and room. Doctors and nurses are working around the clock. And they are our first line of defense.
“Mr. President, people are suffering.
“A hospital in Tifton, Georgia faces such severe equipment shortages, that they are forced to wear trash bags as protection.
“Many rural hospitals in Georgia only have days of operating cash left.
“Also in rural Georgia, children go to the bus stop to pick up the local paper. That’s their education for the day while their schools are closed.
“In Cartersville, Georgia, Table 20 was forced to lay off nearly all of its staff to remain open, like too many others.
“In Athens, Georgia, the virus has turned a college town into a ghost town and the virus is devastating its economy like too many others.
“All over the state, waiters, waitresses, care salesmen, mechanics, farmers and shopkeepers wonder: how will I possibly care for my family?
“For the last two weeks, I’ve been continuously talking with the people of Georgia: cancer patients whose procedures have been cancelled, families whose entire livelihoods are wiped out, people and businesses that can’t pay rent, the mortgage, car payments, groceries, get lifesaving tests and procedures, families forced to cancel weddings and funerals.
“While the effects of this disease tear through our community, thousands of Americans are infected and millions are facing layoffs. They are fighting with all they have.
“But what are Schumer and Pelosi doing? Nothing. Democrats continue to politicize this rescue.  How many people must be hurt for them to leave their selfish partisanship behind and get this relief to our fellow Americans?
“While the rest of America comes together, like the Savannah Salvation Army who holds church services outside or Meals on Wheels delivering meals to seniors, Democrats are playing games and holding desperately needed relief hostage. America does not deserve this.
“Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are putting solar panels ahead of people.
“Meanwhile, President Trump and his administration are working around the clock to address this crisis but the Democrats continue the resistance.
“I know folks at home see it for what it is: politicians who won’t miss their own paycheck, their own benefits, they won’t miss their home payments, their car payments. They’re tucked safely away with their coffee cart and their offices, taking advantage of the moment, pushing ideas that could never pass in Congress.
“A bipartisan bill was ready to go this weekend. This delay is entirely on their backs.
“It’s the worst of Washington and it is disgusting. The American people must hold Democrats to account. I will keep fighting for Georgians and all Americans with my colleagues, and I will not leave here until our work here is done.”