Loeffler: Calls to Defund the Police Threaten Every American’s Safety and Security

Introduces Resolution Honoring George Floyd, Work of Vast Majority of Police Officers

WASHINGTON, DC – U.S. Senator Kelly Loeffler (R-Ga.) today introduced a resolution honoring the life of George Floyd, recognizing the right of every American to peacefully assemble, calling to ensure a tragedy like Floyd’s never happens again and commending the work of the vast majority of police officers who keep Americans safe and are committed to ensuring that racism plays no part in law enforcement.
Text of the resolution can be found here.
“Over the last few weeks, there have been protests, both peaceful and violent, following the deaths of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Ahmaud Arbery in Southeast Georgia and Breonna Taylor in Kentucky. In the wake of these tragic deaths, many Americans, myself included, are angry,” Loeffler said. “While our anger and grief are intense and justifiable, certain radical acts we have seen across the country are not. At a time when the nation should come together to allow the distressed voices of people to be heard, groups like Antifa have used otherwise peaceful protests to organize violence that has killed and injured police officers, harmed innocent bystanders and destroyed small businesses just beginning to recover from the coronavirus. Democrats are now calling to defund police departments, where the vast majority of officers – of every race and gender - work tirelessly to keep all Americans safe. Instead of these extreme measures that would further jeopardize communities, we should look to move forward together to honor the memory of George, Ahmaud and Breonna, address racial injustice in our country and strive for equality.”